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Data is key.

With more than a decade of market research experience and strategic consulting, we have learned that data is the key to assisting businesses to grow.

At Apex Market Research, we have a robust data-driven approach to ensure businesses use a statistically sound method to achieve their goals.

Let's dive deep into your data and get the results you are looking for!

Our Founder

Lucy Ludlow, our Founder and CEO, is a results-driven business leader with an impressive track record of helping employers strategize key business concepts to ensure company growth.

Having a Masters in Mathematical Statistics and Honours in Actuarial Science Lucy understands the value of data and how it can positively influence the bottom-line. Her passion, however, lies not only in the numbers but how the gathered information can effectively influence change in business and enhance customer satisfaction.

With over 10 years’ experience and specialising in Customer Experience Management, Lucy has conducted CEM research in over 15 countries across Africa, continuously providing actionable insights to her clients.

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what WE offer

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Customer Experience Management

  • Customer satisfaction surveys to hear and understand what your clients’s concerns and recommendations are, while monitoring your KPIs
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling to target products and services to specifically selected clients.

Employee Experience Management

  • Reduce employee frustration by understanding their needs
  • Measure internal KPI’s with management to ensure teams are cohesive and impactful.

Product Development Research

  • Apex measures the potential viability of your next big idea.
  • Continuously assess how customers are interacting with your product and how you can remain innovative

What they say

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We have built a solid working relationship with Lucy over the years. She is great to work with and has become a real asset to our team.

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We used Apex to conduct research to better understand our customers. The whole process, from proposal to delivery was done efficiently and of high quality.

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We can highly recommend Lucy and Apex Market Research as a very professional research organisation that delivers great client service and great research insights.

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